Your investigation into the disappearance of two young women leads you towards a mysterious cult-like organisation known as “The Enlightened”.

Delve deeper into their sinister workings as you follow clues, solve puzzles and interact with various characters along the way.

With only 2.5 hours to complete your investigation, race against time and stay alive long enough to solve the mystery!

The Cult Experience is an interactive online escape game for 1-3 players. You will need:

A copy of The Cult Experience Book

An internet connected device (laptop, tablet or smartphone)

Puzzle solving skills

Upon purchasing the game you will receive your copy of The Cult Experience. 

Decoding the first clue will grant access to a

secret initiation website

Once you access the site you will have exactly 2.5 HOURS to complete your mission!

You will be tested through a variety of mechanisms and each clue will feature first person video of your investigation into “The Enlightened”.

Use information in the videos coupled with the book to solve puzzles, crack codes and unravel the mystery.  

Take your first step on the path to enlightenment