What is The Cult Experience?

The Cult Experience is a new type of interactive online escape game adventure and can be played solo or as a team. Similarly to a live action escape room players must use their logic skills to solve puzzles, decode clues and uncover secrets in a race against time. Upon purchase you will receive your copy of The Cult Experience book. This will provide a clue to access a secret initiation website from where you will view first person videos of your investigation into the cult. Use content in the videos and the book to solve the puzzles and enter the answer into the website lock mechanism to proceed.

How will I be tested?

You will be tested through a variety of mechanisms and will need to think creatively and logically combining information found in the videos with information in the book. Once you are confident you have solved the puzzle correctly, enter the answer in the website lock mechanism and if correct you will gain access to the next stage on your journey.

Who is it for?

Don’t worry if you’ve never played an escape room before. We wanted to create an experience which could be enjoyed equally whether you’re an experienced mystery/escape room fan or a relative newbie and we’ve put an emphasis on creating a strong interactive narrative with integrated challenges that propel the story forward.

How long do I have to complete the game?

You will have exactly 2.5 hours to complete your investigation so you’ll need to be working quickly and efficiently. In addition there is also a portion of the game where time penalties are in operation. Should you make a wrong choice in this section you will incur time penalties for each wrong answer.

What if I don’t complete the game within 2.5hrs? Can I replay?

Yes absolutely. You can replay the game as many times as you like.

Delivery Costs?

We ship worldwide so if your shipping country isn’t included below simply get in contact to request a quote.

UK/NI £2.99 (1st Class Signed For)

EU/ROI £4.50 (Standard) £8.50 (Signed For)

USA / CANADA £4.99 (Standard) £9.50 (Signed For)

Australia £5.30 (Standard) £9.80 (Signed For)

What if I get stuck or need a hint?

If you get stuck on a particular section you can use the Hints Pages at the back of the Cult Experience Book to assist.

If you are unable to proceed using those hints you will find more substantial additional hints below. If you still require assistance after this point feel free to get in touch via our Contact page and we’ll respond ASAP.



Move each letter one to the right in the alphabet and it will reveal a website address. (1 Page)


  • Place the paint palette colours in the order found in the book from 1-5. (1 Page)
  • Watch video closely and you will see four different symbols. Match these to the symbols in the book to give four numbers and spin safe dial in correct sequence. (1 Page)
  • Determine which stage matches best to the description in the book and use the shapes associated to give correct colour sequence. (2 Pages)
  • Which button will get you to the correct level. Four letters. (1 Page)
  • Listen carefully to Anna’s voice message. There is a clue inside that will indicate which city she is visiting. (1 Page).
  • Where can you retrieve missing luggage and in which country. (1 Page)
  • Up side down. (1 Page)
  • A full number plate registration is required for vehicle tracking. (1 Page)
  • The last known locations of the van will give you the correct directions to locate Anna. (1 Page)
  • Towards the end of the video look closely and three creatures appear. Decode which animal each tree represents and press the three buttons in correct order. (3 Pages).
  • Everything you require is in the video. What is the name of girl at the end of the video? Have you seen her name before? Those four letters will assist in finding the correct four directions. 
  • Use the symbols Chloe is showing and match them to the symbols on the hands. The buttons on the website will show associated images. (2 Pages).
  • Four phrases are in a different language and each matches to a clock on the next page. This should give you four numbers. On a 24hour clock this would give a specific time. Make sure you line up the clock hands to show this time correctly. E.G if the numbers were 1345 it would represent 1.45pm.  Make sure the hands show 1.45pm and not 12.45pm. The small hand in this instance would be at 2 and the large hand at 45 (basically showing a quarter to 2 rather than a quarter to 1). (2 Pages).


  • There are four safety protocols highlighted in the notice on the door. Read text carefully to spot them. The location in the book corresponds to the position on the keypad. (1 Page).
  • Use a keyboard to find the letters highlighted in the book. It will give you four numbers. (2 Pages)
  • Listen to the beats and you will discover the correct shapes. At the end of the video match the shapes and colours to determine the correct four letters. Make sure you are looking at the final page correctly – things can change between horizontal and vertical view point. (3 Pages).
  • Watch out for the Braille hidden in the video. This will give you a word. Spot where the creature is located and which/number of directions it corresponds to. A,B,C,D. (2 Pages).


  • The end of the video, the ritual scene is important. Look closely as the time code is changing in each of the ritual clips. There are four different times and each represents a moon (think hands on a clock). Identify the four correct moons and match them to the numbered moons on next page. (2 Pages).
  • The phone will help decode the numbers and give you a word. This word will let you know which ritual was being performed. Use the details regarding the ritual to calculate the cost. (5 Pages).
  • “Throughout the centuries” is the clue in the video. Each of the newspapers has covers a different date/period. Try putting these in order and matching to the location flags. (5 Pages).
  • There are three numbers to find behind the crosses. Half are in the book and the other half are in the video. (1 Page).
  • Listen to Anna pray through the door. Which verse does it relate to and how could you turn this into a time. Think chapter and verse number. (1 Page)
  • The red letters in the demon names are important but there are only two particular demon names that will assist. If you watch towards the end of the video when the girl says “Listen and you might hear…” it will give you the clue as to which of the two demons in the book will help you identify the name of the demon you seek. (3 Pages).


  • Look at the highlighted letters on the pentagram. Find the first one, then follow the order around the pentagram and it will give you a five letter word. Pick out the image in the video that represents that word. (1 Page).
  • You’ll need to pick out four letters from the images in the book. Think about the object in the pictures and then which letter the ? represents. Listen to the sounds in the video and pick the one associated with the word you’ve decoded. (2 Pages)
  • Follow the letters closely and they will combine to form a sentence. (1 Page).
  • When you stare in a mirror you are thinking about only one person. (1 Page). 
  • Final choice is up to you! There are no clues or assistance. Good Luck. 
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